Our Research

Soot formation


We make measurements of particles and their precursors formed during combustion and analyze those measurements using theoretical approaches to gain insight into the chemistry of soot formation.

Black and brown carbon formation

Experimental setup for coating and analyzing soot particles extracted from a flame.

We study the characteristics of combustion-generated particles in the atmosphere and in laboratory experiments to gain insight into their chemical evolution in the atmosphere and their impact on atmospheric chemistry.

Atmospheric impacts of combustion


We make measurements of atmospheric particles and associated species produced during combustion processes and use modeling techniques to assess their impact on the local, regional, and global atmosphere.

Soot diagnostics

Setup for the X-ray Raman experiment at the SSRL synchrotron at SLAC.

We develop laser-based, X-ray-based, mass spectroscopic, and other techniques for studying the chemistry and characteristics of particles generated during combustion.

Black and brown carbon diagnostics


We develop methods and design instruments for detecting and characterizing atmospheric light-absorbing particles produced predominantly during combustion.

Cookstoves and other fun stuff

Keeping an eye on a cookstove experiment.

We use our expertise and capabilities to solve problems that have impact on human and non-human health, the environment, agriculture, and industrial processes.